WeNetwork helps businesses grow faster by creating networks of socially conscious consumers, early adopters and investors who participate in decision making on social and environmental issues. Businesses can network their existing stakeholders or join our global network to make new connections with like-minded people.
56% of consumers say they're willing to pay up to 40% more for sustainable products.
ESG investment assets are projected to reach $53 trillion by 2025.
~70% of employees say sustainability programs make employers more appealing.
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What is WeNetwork?

WeNetwork is the world’s first collaborative ESG and innovation network. We help businesses of all sizes gain competitive advantage and growth by meeting the increasing expectations of consumers, employees and investors for more socially and environmentally sound business. The founders of WeNetwork pioneered ESG, decentralized or collaborative ESG- a new way for growth oriented businesses and SMEs and their stakeholders to work together in networks to advance socially responsible and profitable policies and practices.

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How WeNetwork and ESG can help scale your business.

  • Attract early adopters and talent - start an early adopter network to connect with people most likely to use and promote your product. Offer early releases or other rewards to increase participation and innovation
  • Access trillion dollar pools of investment capital committed to socially or environmentally impactful startups.
  • Gain competitive advantages over established competitors and other startups
  • Scale faster with network effects
  • Promote your ESGS roadmap to investors, customers and teams
  • Align your values with your customers and employees
  • Create trust - repair or extend reputation by giving your stakeholders a voice
  • Build a mote by giving customers, employees and investors a voice
  • Host innovation contests to test market and attract attention to new products
Professionals and Freelancers
  • Join sub-networks of businesses you want to work with
  • Become a WeNetwork consult and earn by helping businesses adopt ESG
  • Qualify for engagements with ESG active businesses
Grow faster - Invite prospective or existing stakeholders- early adopters, consumers, investors and others to join your team
Create Competitive advantage - Build trust and loyalty when you turn your business Into a network and engage your stakeholders in your social, environmental and business decision making
Access capital - Align your business with VC, Angel and institutional investors in the ~$30 trillion ESG and social Impact capital market
Building a ESG network on WeNetwork is simple and creates a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining consumers, employees and investors. It’s easy to get started- start inviting a few people to join your ESG network. You can continue to add new members from your stakeholder base or from the WeNetwork global member network.
Start telling the world about your ESG goals and achievements by creating your free ESG roadmap. We’ll even add it to our ESG- business directly so socially conscious consumers and investors can find you.
Start your ESG roadmap- takes about 10 minutes.
Students for Social and Environmental Progress
We promote better social and environmental practices, by including businesses and other organizations to recognize and reward our student members.
We are a student organization dedicated to enhancing social and environmental goals and promoting better practices for a global impact.