Students for Social and Environmental Progress (SSEP)

Increase positive activism

Fostering positive activism among students and faculty worldwide.
We strive to align the values of environmentally and socially conscious students with the products and services they consume. By fostering this alignment, we assist businesses in growing while meeting the demands of the student and consumer community.

Leverage the buying power of the student demographic

"Today, there are approximately 220 million tertiary education students worldwide."
For most businesses, the 18-30 demographic represents one of the most coveted and desirable market segments. With the global tertiary student population exceeding 200 million, 90% fall within the 16-24 age group, presenting an endless opportunity for brands to engage with this audience.
Connecting our Student Network members with potential employers in both government and the private sector by emphasizing shared values on social and environmental matters.
Empowering students globally to have a voice. We can contribute through crowdsourcing, consensus voting, and online contests, which enable organizations to make more informed social and environmental decisions.
Our vision for SSEP is creating networks that empower students to drive real change in corporations, government institutions, and educational establishments.