Seeking an internship opportunity with a positive social impact?

WeNetwork is offering a limited number of part-time or full-time internship opportunities for exceptionally motivated candidates.
What we do, and why it's the future of marketing
Once your application's been approved, choose one or more participation options:
  • Network member and observer—Participate in discussions and connect with other socially conscious members. Collaborate and vote on ESG issues with corporate, academic, and government network members This is a great way to connect with potential employers, clients, and business partners; the time commitment is flexible.
  • Social influencer—Participate in social media panel discussions and events concerning climate, social and governance issues. Earn a certificate of completion and reference letter. Guest presentations by thought-leaders in climate and social topics will be available via Zoom calls. 20 hours per month commitment.
  • Certified dESG Consultant (decentralized ESG protocol)—Interact directly with corporate network members to help increase their business and adopt decentralized protocols for stakeholder value alignment. Assist in research on ESG-related topics and help provide solutions to businesses seeking to advance their ESG profile and roadmaps. Become eligible for future part- or full-time employment as a trained and certified dESG Consultant. 40 hours per month time commitment.
Choose the option that works best for you
What you’ll learn
  • Social-value marketing—how the future of marketing will combine value alignment with consumers
  • How to build a social network with purpose
  • Crowd-sourcing innovation—how top companies can get creative feedback from customers and employees
  • Team-building for startups
  • Collaborative decision-making with large and small businesses
Core takeaways and benefits
  • Forge lifelong connections with businesses and fellow interns, opening doors to potential employment, references, and trade opportunities.
  • Become a business and environmental influencer
  • Help businesses become more socially and environmentally purposeful
What we do, and why it’s the future of marketing
Social value marketing isn’t new, but our approach is. Companies like Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and Patagonia have practiced it for years—but current approaches often backfire due to lack of authenticity and transparency. Customers have learned to spot and reject green-washing and gimmicks that have no real social impact. Our platform addresses these challenges by helping businesses network their stakeholders for better and more socially responsible decision-making and governance.
Some of the activities our interns can participate in
  • Interfacing with local businesses to adopt social marketing and stakeholder networks
  • Organizing student and community contests to advance socially positive corporate practices
  • Negotiating promotions and reward incentives for network businesses to promote their products and services
  • Creating visibility for WeNetwork on social and traditional media
If this sounds like a valuable experience for your future career and you want to contribute to a new, more evolved approach to business, we’d welcome your participation in our internship program.