How WeNetwork gives you a seat at the table:

When you receive an invitation from a WeNetwork member that you're interested in, agree and signup. You’ll automatically be approved and can view the issues and rewards being offered for helping them crowdsource solutions and consensus.
Things you can do on WeNetwork:
  1. 1 Find enlightened businesses to shop at, help make decisions or work for
  2. 2Suggest new ideas or help render consensus by your vote to make the business better
  3. 3Earn rewards, discounts or recognition
  4. 4 Get invited to innovation and ESG contests that could help solve our biggest challenges
Invite a business to start an innovation and ESG network

What is ESG and how is it better than plain old ESG

ESG is a new form of inclusive governance where businesses engage stakeholders in their decision making process. Stakeholders become eligible to discuss issues, submit new ideas and vote to create consensus on how vendors and employers can have more sustainable and democratic polices and practices.
Be more than just a stakeholder - become a team member.